It's time to defend your Discord server

The easiest way to get rid of tricky phishing websites. Let us protect your members, with an up-to-date phishing and suspicious domains database.

Block Immediately

Protect your server against messages containing suspicious and phishing websites.

Rich Domain Info

See the age, country, and IP address of websites before clicking. Never let scammers mess with you.

Welcome Your Members

Welcome your members with a modern welcomer.

Read Reviews

See reviews made by other users to know what do the others think about a person.

Use Blacklists

Get access to all blacklists by using the bot in order to ban or kick people immediately.

Keep Everything Under Control

Security Bot will stay in front of your Discord server in order to increase the security.

Be Informed

Get information about people who joined your server.

Customizable Behaviour

Let everything be as you wish.

What is Lox Security Bot?

Lox Security Bot has been developed to prevent bad stuff from happening in the server in your absence. As an example, while you are working on a different task someone who wanted to advertise stuff (Names that include group invites etc.) joined your server, if it goes unnoticed by the server moderators or the owner itself it is possible for that person to stay in the server for a while, right? But they have forgotten something, Lox Security Bot was made exactly to fight these kinds of problems. In your absence, anyone who joins the server to advertise stuff will be automatically kicked out of the server, and the owner will be notified by the bot.
Also, anyone who has a swear word on their names will also be kicked automatically by the bot.

There is also another algorithm we use to improve the security of the server. If a user that joined the server has been created in the past 24 hours, the server owner will be notified with a relevant description.

One of the most important features of Lox Security Bot is the fact that every message that gets sent will be checked in our servers. If a message contains a dangerous link or a possible scamming website, the message will be deleted in no time and the person who sent the message will be warned.

You can also use our bot to manually scan websites.

In addition to that, you can report other "users" to Lox Security Bot, making it possible for other Lox Security Bot users to be noticed if someone who got blacklisted or reported joins their server.
If someone who got blacklisted joins your server, we will automatically kick them out and inform you about why he was reported.
A discord user who got blacklisted will not be able to send messages in any of the servers that contains Lox Security Bot.

Besides, by using Security Bot, you can view or even make your own reviews about other users, the existing reviews can be accessed throughout all the servers that use Security Bot. These reviews will help you, other users and the server owners to gather some idea about the people that have been reviewed.

How to Use?

After adding the bot to your server, just mention it in any channel or type >help in order to reach categories.
You can change the language or prefix with >setlanguage and >setprefix.
If you really don't know how to use, join the support server by clicking here.

Security Premium

It's time to be premium!
Get access to all features across Discord and support the project with only $3.
You will also get special roles and permissions within the Lox Game Studio's official Discord server.

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What is the default prefix?

Our default prefix is >

How can I reach the category list?

Type >help or mention the bot in any channel to reach the categories.

How can I reach the commands under a category?

Type the category name or ID after typing >help. Check the examples below.
>help Support
>help 1
>help "Category With Spaces"

How can I set the prefix?

You can set bot's prefix by using the >setprefix command. Check the examples below.
>setprefix !

How can I set the language?

You can set bot's language by using the >setlanguage command. We currently support Turkish and English languages, if you would like to use your primary language, please contact us. Check the examples below.
>setlanguage en

What are the most used commands?

You can find the most used commands under Detection category.

What is Security Premium?

Security Premium lets you access the whole bot after supporting the project with only $3. Once you purchase Security Premium from Patreon, you will also get special roles in our Discord server.

What will I be able to do after purchasing Security Premium?

You can use images or gradient on our secure Welcomer, or remove copyright text from the footer. Or can enable file limits such as max image size, max file size, and unwanted file formats. The most important one is our Rich Domain Info. Once you purchase Security Premium, you will be able to enable Rich Domain Info and that will show information about every website URL that gets sent in your server.

The Security bot is offline on my server. What can I do?

Try to kick and invite the bot to your server again. If this doesn't fix your problem, please contact us.

Stay in the know!

If you want to help our team with the development of our bots and support us, you can simply join our Discord group and/or help us by providing feedback.